Explore the World. Solve the Mystery.

Fun geography "Escape Room" subscription box for kids 7-12.

Explore the world after a letter arrives in the mail...along with some mysterious clues. Piece together the clues, all while exploring new, exciting cultures each month. Can your kid crack the case?

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Explore the World! 
Solve the Mystery!

Fun geography "Escape Room" subscription box for kids ages 7-12.

Explore the world after a letter arrives in the mail...along with some mysterious clues. Connect the dots and piece together the clues, all while exploring new, exciting cultures each month. Can your kid crack the case?

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Fun and mystery - delivered monthly!

Explore different countries and cultures by solving fun and engaging mysteries and logic puzzles

Each month, a box will arrive in the mail from the Unit Director of the CRIME Agency about a crime in a different city around the world...and they need your kid's help in cracking the case. Solve challenging clues through a variety of brain games, logic puzzles, and mysteries (no computer needed)!

Collect souvenirs and trading cards from each country visited. After the case is solved, enjoy a rich cultural experience as a family each month by cooking recipes from that country.

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What’s Inside each box

Every month your global explorer will get the rare opportunity to solve a top-secret mission through engaging clues and puzzles, navigating foreign cities, and discovering a wide range of cultural traditions.

Solve a brand-new case each month when you receive our geography mystery box that’s jam-packed with:
- captivating clues 
- challenging logic puzzles 
- tasty recipes 
- collectible trading cards
- fun guides
- exclusive souvenirs.

Some featured countries explored: Morocco, Australia, Japan, England, Peru, Kenya, and many more.

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How It works

Step 1


Start your detective adventure. Sign up or give a gift! We offer monthly, 3-, 6- or 12-month subscriptions.

Save $1,000s on travel and 10+ hours on research.

Step 2

Mystery box shipped

Explore new monthly mysteries each month. Boxes ship within 7 days of your order and renewal.

Pause or cancel anytime

Step 3

Solve global mysteries

Crack the case in 1 hour while exploring each country's culture throughout the month, from recipes, souvenirs, activities and info cards. Value at over $97!

Perfect for independent play or family time. No screens or prep work needed

Screen-free fun for the whole family

The Landmark Kids helps your child be:


Solve fun and engaging mysteries and puzzles to boost critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and resilience.

Global Citizen

Travel helps kids understand differences while understanding themselves - so start at home with our subscription box!


Feel fulfilled knowing your child's exposure to different people, perspectives, and traditions fosters a compassionate, balanced being.


Help your child be open-minded to learn about other cultures. Develop leadership and soft skills needed in STEAM.

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Next box shipping in May: FRANCE
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Each puzzle subscription box is designed to take kids (ages 7-12)  through a different country each month. Every box includes a mystery case to solve, 5 clues and 5 logic puzzles, 6 trading cards, recipe, a map, 4 videos, and 2 souvenirs to deepen kids’ appreciation for world countries, cities, and cultures, plus illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. 

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Now your child can join The Landmark Kids agents Aaron, Kelly, Natalie, and Jimmy as they discover remote countries around the globe by solving challenging puzzles and new mysteries. Every month your child will get the rare opportunity to access engaging clues and puzzles, navigate foreign cities, and discover a wide range of cultural traditions.

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