The Landmark Kids Affiliate Program

Hi there! We’re very excited to partner with people who believe learning about other countries is valuable and critical thinking is an important life skill! If you're interested, The Landmark Kids Affiliate Program is a great way to work together.

What’s an Affiliate Program? Our Affiliate Program invites bloggers of all sizes to partner with The Landmark Kids, FREE of charge, to promote fun and educational content on their site. A commission is earned on every sale that you refer. 

  • How does The Landmark Kids know if I send a sale? Easy!
    You sign up as an Affiliate on ShareASale network, and once approved you will get a special tracking link or banner to place on your blog that will track every click and subsequent sale sent to The Landmark Kids from your blog.
  • How will I get paid?
    ShareASale handles the payments as well. Just be sure to include all of your payment information during the signup process. 
  • How do I get started?
    To get started, join ShareASale as an Affiliate and apply to The Landmark Kids program.
  • Is my blog a good fit for The Landmark Kids Affiliate Program?
    Good Affiliate candidates include family, homeschooling, education, mommy, gift, travel, entrepreneurial and other related blogs! If you are unsure, reach out at or send us a direct message on Instagram!
  • Once I'm approved, what is my commission on each sale?
    You'll earn a 10% commission on all sales.
  • Do I get anything special for being an Affiliate?
    In addition to your commission, you will receive frequent newsletters with incentive bonuses, promotions, contests and sales opportunities.

Please email us with any questions at: