Expose kids to the World

Interactive, social-emotional learning about the world and the people who live in it.

The mystery of discovering the world and new cultures has never been this captivating, entertaining, or downright FUN! Every month our exclusive geography kits ship out a new set of entertaining guides, challenging puzzles, mystery clues - and more - that focus on a new country. Create global citizens while having fun!

Explore the world this school year!

We offer discounts on our classroom packages and individual boxes for schools & groups.

Order classroom packages in sets of 10 ($319) or 20 ($598), or individual exploration boxes for each student. Inquire about our 3, 6, 9 and 12-month subscriptions.

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Meet Academic Standards with our kits

Every exploration box and package is designed to cover different social studies and reading principles, making it easy for you to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and reading acumen and know-how among your students, while also meeting academic standards.

What's Included

Logic Puzzles

Instructional Guides


Info (Flash) Cards

Online Videos

Purchase Orders

Schools submitting purchase orders for The Landmark Kids subscriptions must be able to submit e-PO’s and be able to receive electronic invoices.

Be sure to include all necessary information in the PO:

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“I homeschool 3 boys, 10-15 years old. I purchased a Landmark Kids kit and, as a homeschool mom, I loved the neat and colorful presentation, and all the fun accessories inside. It all came together to really help bring their imagination to life. Our first travel experience to Morocco via Landmark Kids was very educational and so much fun. Looking forward to our next kit!”

Shara C., mother of 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are in each box?
Each puzzle subscription kit is designed to take kids (ages 7-12) through a different country and multiple cities each month. Every box includes a mystery case to solve, clues, logic puzzles, info cards, recipes, flag pins, and souvenirs to deepen kids’ exposure and appreciation for world countries, cities, and cultures, plus an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide and online videos.

Do you accept purchase orders and/or charter school funds?
Yes! Head to our purchase order form and follow the steps to bring The Landmark Kids to your school program today!

How can I use The Landmark Kids in my school or homeschool program?
The Landmark Kids is an excellent supplementary program to your curriculum. Expose kids to the world and learn cultural information while solving interactive mysteries and puzzles for the country of the month. Use the facts from the map and info cards to quiz your students. We also provide online videos that give more info on cities and landmarks throughout the country. In addition, experience the smells and flavors of each country by making the recipe that comes in each box.

What are your payment terms for Purchase Orders?
Payment is NET 30 days from the invoice being sent.

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“The Landmark Kids mystery box is the perfect gift for the kids. They were so excited to open it and solve the mystery. It transported them to Morocco. As a parent, it was wonderful to see my kids learn about Morocco by using their critical thinking skills and working together all while having fun. And as an added bonus, we will be making the recipe later as a family, so the fun continues! Thank you for creating such an engaging educational tool.”

Li P. mother of 10 and 8 year old

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