5 Fun Indian Recipes To Make With Kids

5 Fun Indian Recipes To Make With Kids

5 Fun Indian Recipes To Make With Kids

Date: June 6, 2024


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Want to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them about geography and culture?


One of the best ways to spark your kids’ curiosity in geography and culture is to make recipes from around the world together. 


And today, we’re taking you to the delicious culinary world of Indian food!


From savory Aloo Tikki to sweet Gulab Jamun, there are plenty of fun and delicious Indian recipes that you can make with your children while learning more about the country’s culture. 


So, without further ado, here are five easy Indian recipes to make with kids. 

Aloo Tikki 


Aloo Tikki is a popular Indian snack that consists of crispy potato patties filled with herbs and spices. In Hindi, Aloo means potatoes, and Tikki means croquette. 


And believe us. It’s absolutely delicious!


This heavenly snack is believed to have originated in Delhi, where it quickly became a popular street food. But guess what? The recipe is, in fact, derived from the French side dish called croquette, invented in 1898 and consisting of small fitter-sized cylindrical rolls.


Over time, the dish was brought to India and adapted to suit Indian tastes. And since then, many different regional variations have emerged.


Making Aloo Tikki with kids is a fun and interactive way to teach them about Indian spices and flavors. And they’ll love getting hands-on with the potato patties!


You’ll find a great Aloo Tikki recipe on the BBC Goodfood’s website.


Chole Bhature 

Chole Bhature (also called Chana Bhatura) is a combination of deep-fried bread made from maida and spicy chickpeas. It’s a popular breakfast dish originating from the Punjab state of North India. However, it’s a famous and highly appreciated recipe all over the county! 


The spicy recipe is believed to have originated in the North of India in the early 20th century. Later on, when Punjabi migrants moved to Delhi, they introduced the dish to the rest of the country.


This easy-to-make recipe will, here again, allow you to teach your kids all about Indian spices and flavors and can make for a delightful lunch or dinner option. 


Here’s a recipe we love!


Paneer Tikka

If you’re looking for original appetizers to serve for your next dinner party, why not teach your kids how to make Paneer Tikka and recreate the recipe for your guests?


Paneer Tikka is a popular Indian appetizer. It’s made with cubes of paneer (a kind of cheese) and veggies marinated with yogurt and spices before being grilled on a tandoor or in the oven.   


Chicken Biryani 


Yummy, right?


Not only will you be able to teach your kids about different types of Indian cheese while making this delicious recipe, but they’ll also learn how to grill food!


Cook with Manali shared a mouth-watering Paneer Tikka recipe on her website. 

Chicken Biryani consists of rice cooked with flavorful Indian spices and chicken. It’s a staple of Indian cuisine, and it’s, therefore, one of the best dishes to teach your kids about Indian food and culture. 


What’s more, with Chicken Biryani, it’s all about learning how to layer flavors, which can be a great life skill for them to learn too! 


Now, while this aromatic dish is the quintessential Indian celebratory recipe, it actually originated in Iran. Different stories exist as to how it made its way into India. Still, the popular belief is that pilgrims and soldier statesmen introduced it to the Deccan region in the south of the country. 


Here’s a fantastic Chicken Biryani recipe.


Gulab Jamun

How does making deep-fried dough balls soaked in sweet syrup with your kids on a cozy Sunday afternoon sound? 


Pretty fun, right?


That’s exactly what you’ll get to do when making Gulan Jamun, a popular Indian dessert.

The epitome of making this dish is watching the dough balls soak up the sweet syrup as they cook. And, of course, eating this fantastic delicacy afterward!


To make Gulab Jamun, you’ll need milk powder, flour, baking powder, rose water, ghee, sugar, saffron, cardamon, yogurt, and lemon juice. Here’s a recipe for you.


But where does this decadent Indian dessert come from?


Legend has it that the royal chef of the fifth emperor of the Mughal Empire, Shah Jahan, accidentally invented the confectionery. The chef would have taken inspiration from Persian or Turkish traditions to make this sweet delicacy.

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