5 Fun Kenyan Recipes To Make With Kids

5 Fun Kenyan Recipes To Make With Kids

5 Kenyan Recipes To Make With Kids

Date: December 27, 2022 

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Table of Contents:
  1. Ugali
  2. Mukimo
  3. Matoke
  4. Maharagwe
  5. Nyama Choma


Tired of hearing the dreaded “I don’t want to do my geography homework” or “I hate geography”?

Let’s be honest. Learning geography and culture through a school book is not the most engaging and interactive way to explore a country.

But you know what is? Cooking delicious traditional recipes together!

Cooking is fantastic for expanding your kids’ palates, and it’s also great to teach them geography in a fun way! By cooking and trying foods from around the world, they’ll be more open about other cultures and learn a lot about individual countries.

This month, we’re all about exploring Kenya.

But what food is Kenya famous for, you ask?

Well, while Kenyan cuisine is rich and diverse, five Kenyan dishes really reflect the country’s soul. These include Ugali, Mukimo, Matoke, Maharagwe, and Nyama Choma.

And in this blog, we’ll share the recipes for each of these delicious Kenyan dishes so that you can make them with your kids.



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If you’re wondering what a traditional Kenyan meal is, Ugali is the answer!

Ugali is a staple in Kenya, so we had to start our article about Kenyan food with this recipe. This soft cornmeal dough is typically enjoyed with meat and vegetable stew. It’s such a popular item of Kenyan cuisine that Kenyans enjoy it almost every day. There are so many different soups and stews that can be eaten with Ugali that they never get tired of it!

Here’s a yummy and easy-to-make recipe of Ugali, Beef Stew, and Cabbage.



Mukimo. Getty Images

What started as a tribal dish in the highlands of central Kenya, has become one of the most popular Kenyan foods in the entire country. Mash some potatoes, add pumpkin leaves, maize kernels, and peas to the mixture and mash everything together. Tada! You get a flavorful Mukimo which is traditionally served with barbecued meat. Here’s a delicious recipe for you.

Your kids will love it!

One interesting fact about Mukimo is that tribes usually cook it for special occasions like weddings or funerals. 


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image source: eatwellabi.om

Matoke is a dish cooked with plantain bananas, which are a staple in East Africa. It’s extremely popular in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, and each country has its own way of cooking this delicious meal. 

As mentioned, there are plenty of different ways to make Matoke, but we love this recipe.

All you’ll need to create this mouthwatering dish is green bananas, tomatoes, onions, chopped coriander, and garlic. Also, you can enjoy it on its own or serve it with rice, vegetables, or beef stew.


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image source: kitchenfrau.com

Maharagwe is a delicious coconut milk and red bean stew. It means “red kidney beans” in the Kiswahili language, which is one of the star ingredients of this Kenyan food recipe. Given the number of coconut-lined beaches in Kenya, the other one is, of course, coconut milk.

This traditional Swahili dish is quintessential to Kenyan food and can be found everywhere, from fancy restaurants to roadside carts. It can be enjoyed on its own as a soup or served with rice or even Ugali!

Here’s a delightful Maharagwe recipe incorporating ginger, turmeric, pepper, and coriander to season this incredible Kenyan dish.


Nyama Choma

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While Ugali is often considered the most popular Kenyan food, there’s also a case for Nyama Choma, which means “grilled goat meat”, to take the top spot!

The meat (which can also be substituted with beef) is typically infused with spices, salt, and pepper. Then, it’s grilled over a low fire. Here’s a Nyama Choma recipe we love.

Kenyans enjoy Nyama Choma as much as Americans love their barbecues. And after whipping up this flavorful dish with your kids, you’ll understand why 😉


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