24 Fun Facts About Peru

24 Fun Facts About Peru

24 Fun Facts About Peru

Date: April 18, 2024


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Ready to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture?

Peru is a fascinating country located on the western coast of South America. From its rich history and colorful festivals to its unique cuisine, Peru captures the imagination of millions of tourists every year. 

In this blog, we will explore 24 fun facts about Peru that will make your children want to learn more about this beautiful country. 

Whether you're a fan of llamas, ancient ruins, or exotic fruits, Peru is sure to surprise and delight you. 

Let’s get started!


  • Peru is also known as the land of the Incas because it used to be the heart of the Incan civilization between 1200 and 1533 AD.

  • The country is home to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • The official language of Peru is Spanish, but many people also speak other indigenous languages, such as Quechua and Aymara.
  • Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina.
  • Lima, the capital city of Peru, is the world's second-largest desert city in the world after Cairo in Egypt.


  • Lake Titicaca, lying at 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) above sea level in the Andes Mountains at the border with Bolivia, is the highest navigable lake in the world.
  • The Nazca Lines, a series of mysterious ancient geoglyphs located in southern Peru, were created over 2,000 years ago and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.
  • Peru is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado, and ají de gallina.
  • The Inca Empire ruled over much of modern-day Peru and parts of neighboring countries from the 13th to 16th centuries. The Incas are best known for their advanced engineering, including the construction of Machu Picchu.


  • The Amazon Rainforest covers nearly 60% of Peru's territory.
  • The Peruvian national soccer team has never won a World Cup but has made it to the tournament five times.
  • Peru is home to the largest flying bird in the world, the Andean condor. The impressive bird can weigh up to 15 kg and has a wingspan of up to 3.2 meters.


  • The Peruvian national animal is the vicuña, a type of South American camelid that produces some of the softest wool in the world. It was revered during the Inca empire, and only royalty was allowed to wear vicuña garments.


  • The Peruvian national instrument is the charango, a type of small guitar featuring five double strings and made from the shell of an armadillo.
  • The Peruvian national dance is the Marinera. This colorful and energetic dance originated on the coast of Peru. It is influenced by African zamacueca, Spanish fandango, and indigenous couple dances. 
  • The Peruvian national holiday, Independence Day, is celebrated on July 28th and 29th and celebrates the liberation of Peru from Spain.
  • The ancient city of Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, is known for its stunning architecture and historical significance.
  • Machu Picchu was only discovered in 1911 by American explorer Hiram Bingham. And its discovery was an accident! Bingham was, in fact, looking for an Inca city called Vilcabamba.
  • Peru is one of the largest producers of gold, silver, and copper in the world.
  • The Inca Trail, a hiking trail that leads to Machu Picchu, is one of the most famous treks in the world.
  • The Peruvian national flower is the cantuta, (or Flor de la Cantuta), a beautiful, brightly colored flower native to the Andes.
  • The Peruvian desert is home to the world's tallest sand dune called Cerro Blanco. The dune stands at 3,860 feet (1,176 meters).
  • Peru is the birthplace of potatoes, and over 4,000 varieties of potatoes are grown in the country. 
  •  One of the most popular games in Peru is Sapo", which means "Toad" in Spanish. It's a game where players toss small metal disks at a box with a toad-shaped indentation in the center, trying to get the disks to land inside the toad's mouth for points.

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