7 Things To Do In Japan With Kids

7 Things To Do In Japan With Kids

Are you considering taking the kids to Japan but aren’t sure it’s the best destination for a family trip?

Temples, shrines, museums, and incredible restaurants.

Sure, Japan can make for an activity-packed adventure for intrepid travelers who enjoy history and architecture. 

But what about kid-friendly activities and cultural destinations?

Well, Japan has them too!

From enchanting parks and spectacular animal sanctuaries to interactive museums, you’re about to embark on a one-of-a-kind educational family trip!

Ready for the adventure?

Nara Park. Getty Images

Take A Stroll In Nara Park

Just a 40 min train journey from Osaka and a 45-minute trip from Kyoto, Nara used to be Japan’s capital in the 8th century. That’s why it is a fantastic destination for history buffs. 

But, even though this beautiful spot counts a wide range of spectacular temples and historic buildings, that’s not all it has to offer to curious visitors. 

It’s also famous for its gorgeous park, home to over 1300 tame deer roaming free amongst stunning sakura trees! That’s why every year, millions of families explore this incredible spot in the hope of seeing these beautiful animals in the wild up close. 

Note that, while tame, these animals are still wild, so caution is advised when walking near.


Explore Fuji Safari Park

Talking about seeing wild animals up close, there’s nothing better to teach your kids about various animal species than exploring the beautiful Fuji Safari Park located on the southern slopes of spectacular Mount Fuji. Not only is this park the biggest safari park in Japan, but it also provides visitors with unparalleled views of Mount Fuji! We particularly love the Safari section of the park because hundreds of species from all around the world, including elephants, bears, cheetahs, and lions, roam freely. You can either tour the area in your car or on board the jungle bus. Memorable experience for the whole family guaranteed!


Kyoto Railway Museum. Getty Images

Visit The Kyoto Railway Museum

This impressive museum will pull the whole family back in time with its steam locomotives and antique engines. 

Yet, one of the most notable vehicles displayed at the Kyoto Railway Museum is the 500 Series Shinkansen, which made the Guinness Book of World Records for reaching speeds of 300 km per hour on October 23, 2016!

And guess what? There’s even a train car converted into a restaurant.


Marvel At The Replicas At Tobu World Square 

Japan features countless kid-friendly attractions, but Tobu World Square has got to be one of the most impressive! Tobu World Square is a theme park that exhibits over 100 1/25th scale replicas of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. 

From the sumptuous Japanese Himeji Castle and the famous Dogo Onsen hot spring to the Roman Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramid of Giza, a trip to this unusual theme park will be sure to keep your kids engaged!


Spend Half A Day In Kids Plaza Osaka

Located in the heart of Ogimachi Kids Park, Kids Plaza Osaka is an epic play center and a kids’ paradise. This museum is entirely dedicated to children’s education and was designed to enhance kids’ knowledge through fun games and hands-on workshops. 

The space features many wonderful exhibits and interactive activities, including a room where kids can go shopping and pretend to work at hair salons or food stores, a creative studio for children to enjoy crafts and play instruments, and a science section to learn more about physical reactions.


Himeji Castle. Getty Images


Explore The Himeji Castle

And you are going to love this one!!

Japan has a rich history, and castles are an integral part of it. After all, to this day, Japan has the oldest continuous monarchy.

During the Sengoku era (between 1477 and 1573), many castles sprung up, reaching as many as 5,000 across the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

Today, Japan is home to over 100 castles, and Himeji Castle is probably one of the country’s most impressive and best-preserved castles.

So, a family trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without visiting the splendid fortress. As a tip, we’d recommend going during cherry blossom season (March to mid-April). That’s because, during the season, the sumptuous white facade rises over a sea of pink blossoms making for unforgettable memories!


Tokyo Skytree. Getty Images

Visit The Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is an observation tower located in Sumida, Tokyo. It’s the highest structure in Japan (634 meters) and the second highest in the world at the time of completion. Its observation deck is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Towering at 450 meters (1,476 ft), it allows visitors to spot Mount Fuji on a clear day, making for a pretty epic view! 

Besides shops, cafes, and restaurants, the tower also features an aquarium. So, after soaking in the incredible view over the city, why not explore one of the largest indoor open tanks in Japan? You’ll be able to see over 10,000 sea creatures, including penguins and fur seals!

But you might be thinking…


Is Tokyo Good For Kids?

Tokyo is one of the best destinations for families in Japan. Besides Disneyland, the city has impressive fish markets, fun and hands-on museums, and iconic monuments. Some of the best activities to do in Tokyo with kids include visiting the Ueno Zoo, walking on the see-through floor of the Tokyo Tower, and enjoying the spectacular gardens of the Imperial Palace.


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