Best Things To Do In Italy With Kids

Best Things To Do In Italy With Kids

Whether your kids love adventure parks, riding a bike in nature, or visiting old castles, Italy has it all!

From swimming in crystal clear waters in Sicily and learning about gladiators in the Roman Empire performing in the Colosseum to eating gelato on the Piazza San Marco, the number of fun activities to do with kids in Italy is endless.

So, to help you plan the perfect family holiday, we’ve put together this guide highlighting the best things to see and do while in the country.

Best Places To Visit In Italy With Kids

From captivating Venice to stunning Sicily, there are many Italian kid-friendly destinations for you to explore as a family. 

Here are five of the best places to visit in Italy with kids:


Venice has a magical appeal to it that makes it the ideal spot to explore with kids. Every street brings a surprise, whether it be incredible architecture, colorful houses, or gondola-filled canals that will grab your children’s attention and capture their imagination. Bear in mind that if you can, plan your trip in February. You’ll be able to experience the world-famous Venice Carnival. All you need to do is buy masks for the kids in one of the many mask-making workshops in Venice and stroll in the streets. You’ll meet thousands of people wearing costumes, making for a fun and memorable day out for the entire family! 

The Dolomites 

This picturesque UNESCO site has something in store for everyone, including families! From easy and well-marked hikes and delicious mountain food to some of the country’s best playgrounds and Ötzi the IceMan, your kids will love exploring this spectacular mountainous region.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is another UNESCO heritage listed site and is made up of five colorful villages nestled along the Italian Riviera between turquoise waters, lush hills, and terraced vineyards. The multicolored houses make for a breathtaking sight while the whole family enjoys the kid-friendly beaches and indulges in local gelatos. 

And once you’re ready to explore the villages, you can easily catch the train or ferry for a hassle-free experience.


Sicily has it all: rich history, beautiful architecture, delightful views, stunning beaches, and even active volcanoes, which explains why it’s so popular with families. 

While on the island, embark on the Circumetnea Train to explore the base of Mt Etna or jump into the cable car to see the Volcano’s craters from up close. Another great place to explore with the children is Siracusa, which boasts a fantastic old town center and a spectacular duomo. Also, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, the Riserva dello Zingaro is well worth the detour!


Tuscany offers a diversity of landscapes and fun adventures for families looking to explore the country and learn more about and enjoy an authentic Italian experience. From historical monuments and famous landmarks to hilltop villages and spectacular countryside, Tuscany brims with kid-friendly activities. Try the Uffizi guided tour for an interactive museum visit, and head to the leaning tower of Pisa for fun family pictures!

Best Things To Do In Italy With Kids

Here’s the ultimate list to help you plan the perfect family holiday in Italy:


  • Enjoy Italy’s stunning piazzas and discover some of the most spectacular Italian architecture in Florence, Milan and Venice.
  • Travel back in time when visiting kid-friendly historical sites such as the Colosseum, Milan Cathedral, and Pompeii.
  • Go on a family hiking tour in South Tyrol.
  • Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice.
  • Visit the rocket tree house near Collepietra.
  • Ride a bike at Lake Garda.
  • Explore kid-friendly museums such as the Leonardo Museum in Florence or the MUBA museum in Milan.
  • Visit the ZooSafari in Fasano or La Rupe in Pescara to see some local animals such as wolves and bears.
  • Take the kids to the Parco della Preistoria in Rivolta d’Adda, a prehistoric park with amazing reconstructions of dinosaurs. 
  • Soak in Saturnia’s hot springs in Tuscany. The crystal clear springs are heated by a nearby volcano and cascade down the hill forming mesmerizing turquoise pools. The kids will love splashing in these warm waters!
  • Take a pizza or pasta-making class for an authentic taste of Italy.
  • Visit the medieval village of Volterra.


And that’s a wrap! We hope you have a wonderful time in Italy and forge some incredible memories together as a family. And if you want to teach your children about Italy to prepare for your trip, we’ve just launched our Italy subscription box with plenty of games and activities for kids to explore this fabulous country. So if you are new to The Landmark Kids, don’t hesitate to sign up now for a limited time offer to get 20% off the September Italy box with code: BACKTOSCHOOL! 

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