How To Explore Italy With Kids From Home

How To Explore Italy With Kids From Home

Do you want your kids to learn about Italy but don’t know how to make it interesting enough so that they get excited about it? 

Travel broadens the mind, they say.

And even more so when it comes to young minds! 

Traveling allows your kids to learn about other cultures and appreciate the diversity of the human world. It’s a great way to teach them tolerance and respect and encourage them to celebrate differences. Not to mention enriching their life, nourishing their mind, and improving their knowledge through learning about a country’s customs and traditions. 

As adults, we know that. But when it comes to your children, they might not yet understand the power of learning about other cultures.

So, if you’re wondering how to teach your kids about Italy from home, read on as we’ve shared below three easy and fun ways to teach your kids about a country.

And to make the lesson even more engaging, we’ve also highlighted five fun facts about Italy to share with kids!

How To Teach Your Kids About Italy?

  • Listen to Italian Classics: if your kids like singing, and dancing, playing some of the country’s traditional songs could be a fun way to become more familiar with Italian culture. Learn together about the meaning of the lyrics and the story behind each song. You can even find out what some of the words mean in the chorus for a fun language lesson.

  • Cook Italian Recipes: let them pick a recipe they would like to cook with you, buy the ingredients, give your kids an apron, and start whipping up a traditional Italian meal! Whether you decide to make a pizza, spaghetti al la carbonara or even a tiramisu, you’ll have a fantastic time cooking together and more importantly enjoying the results of your hard work 😉

  • Take a Virtual Museum Tour: Italy is famous for its historical landmarks and museums filled with archeological masterpieces. A virtual tour of some of the most famous museums can help your kids learn about the country’s rich history and architecture in a fun and entertaining way. Some of the best virtual Italian museum tours for kids include the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.

Share Fun Facts About Italy with Kids

Learning fun facts about a country can help spark your children’s curiosity and prompt them to learn more about a specific culture. So, here are five fun facts about Italy you can share with your kids.


Italy’s National Animal Is The Italian Wolf

The Italian wolf’s symbolism dates back to the story of Remus and Romulus. According to Roman mythology, Rhea Silvia, the daughter of King of Alba Longa, gave birth to the twins Remus and Romulus. Unwanted, they were deposited on the Tiber to be drowned. But instead, the trough they were placed in floated and derived all the way to the current site of Rome. There, they were found by a she-wolf who fed them until humans took them in. The boys went on to founding Rome hence the Italian wolf became the symbol of the Eternal City.

Italy Counts Three Active Volcanoes

Italy is one of the only countries in Europe with active volcanoes. These volcanoes are Stromboli and Mt Etna located in Sicily and Vesuvius in Pompeii near Naples.

The Most Popular Italian Sport Is Football

Italians love football and Italy has even won the world cup four times in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006.

The Country Is Shaped Like A Boot

Located in the south of Europe and bordered by France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and the Mediterranean sea, the country is shaped like a high heel boot.

Children Love To Play Nascondino

Nascondino is the Italian version of hide-and-seek. This is such a popular game in the country that every year, the village of Consonno welcomes the hide and seek (or Nascondino) championship!


Teaching Your Kids About A Country Instills Values 

As mentioned, teaching kids about other countries is the best way to foster respect and appreciation for the world’s diversity. 

Also, learning about different customs and traditions will help your children become more understanding and forge meaningful relationships with others regardless of their origin, background or religion. In fact, research shows that when children are introduced to other cultures at a young age, they develop better social skills and are more open to other languages than those who aren’t.  


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