5 Fun Australian Recipes to Make with Kids

5 Fun Australian Recipes to Make with Kids

5 Fun Australian Recipes To Make With Kids

Date: January 11, 2023 
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Table of Contents:

  1. Aussie Snags
  2. Chicken Parmigiana
  3. Lamingtons
  4. Burger With The Lot
  5. Iced VoVos


“I don’t like geography, it’s boring.”

“I don’t want to do my geography homework.”

If you hear these things regularly, we’ve got good news!

Learning geography can be fun!

All you need to do is get into the kitchen with your children and cook some international dishes together. This will help them improve their geography skills in no time while having fun and creating unique family memories they’ll cherish forever.

Today, we’re learning more about Australia with these five flavorsome Aussie recipes.


Aussie Snags


Australians are well-known for their barbecue skills and their love for barbecued foods.

Aussie snags (the Australian word for sausage) are a type of sausage made of beef, pork, onions, and garlic and cooked on the grill or barbecue. But while these four ingredients are the base of traditional Aussie snags, some places fill them with chicken, lamb, herbs, or cheese.

These juicy sausages are traditionally served on a slice of white bread (or in a hot dog in Western Australia) along with mashed potatoes, barbecue sauce, grilled onions, and chutneys.

Sound delicious, right?

Here’s a great recipe you can make with the whole family.

Your kids will be drooling as the sweet smell of barbecued meat fills the air.


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Chicken Parmigiana


While this mouthwatering dish has its roots in Italian cuisine, it has become a staple across the country. “Parmy,” or ‘’parma’’ as the locals say, became popular in the 1950s when chicken started to be widely available in pieces.

The decadent dish consists of a high-quality chicken breast filet topped with grilled cheese and Napoli sauce and served with salad and fries.

Follow this delicious recipe, and we guarantee chicken parmigiana will become a new family favorite 😉


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Ah, Lamingtons. The epitome of Australian cakes!

A lamington is a delicious butter or sponge cake dipped in yummy chocolate and sprinkled with tasty shredded coconut. There are different versions of Lamingtons, but the traditional ones typically include a layer of cream, jam, or both inside.

It is believed that the iconic cake was first invented by Armand Galland, the French Chef of Lord Lamington, Queensland’s eighth governor, to feed unannounced guests.

It is such a symbolic Australian delicacy that since 2006, the lamington has been celebrated every year on the 21st of July, which was coined Lamington Day!

Here’s an easy Lamington recipe to make with the kids. The whole family will love this typical Australian treat and keep coming back for more 😉


Check out another recipe: 5 Peruvian recipes to try with your kids


Burger With The Lot


Do your kids love burgers?

Then, they’ll have the best time helping you cook and, most importantly, indulge in the epic Aussie burger with the lot.

As if a juicy meat patty, some cheese, lettuce, and tomato sauce in a crispy bun wasn’t enough, Aussies decided to add a slice of pineapple, grilled onion rings, a fried egg, some bacon, and pickled beetroot to the classic American dish.

The result is an explosion of flavors in your mouth and a burger, unlike anything you’ve ever tried!

We love this recipe which also features avocado.


Iced VoVos


Want to try a fan favorite since 1906?

Then you’re in for a treat with these Iced VoVo biscuits (cookies), originally introduced by Australian brand Arnott’s. The iconic dessert traditionally consists is made from a sweet butter biscuit that is topped with pink icing, a strip of raspberry preserve or jam, and sprinkled with shaved coconut.

And the best thing about this Aussie favorite is that it’s easy to make!


Explore the World From Home With Your Kids


image of a map, Landmark kids play cards, and a horseshoe

Cooking international meals is a fun and engaging way to teach your children about geography and culture and open their minds. And because we believe learning should be fun and interactive, we’ve created monthly mystery boxes designed to take your kids on a journey from country to country to solve mystery cases.

Sound like what you need to spark your kids’ curiosity?

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