5 Fun English Recipes For Kids

5 Fun English Recipes For Kids

5 Fun English Recipes For Kids

Date: April 25, 2023 

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Table of Contents:

  1. Fish and chips
  2. Bangers and mash
  3. Lemon curd
  4. Corn beef hash
  5. Roast beef


Not particularly known for its gastronomy, English cuisine still features some incredible culinary delights such as bangers and mash, fish & chips, roast beef, or even lemon curd.

Now, at The Landmark Kids, we believe that cooking is a fantastic way to inspire your children to learn more about a country and spark their curiosity.

So, time to taste your way through geography as a family with these five delightful English recipes!

Fish and chips

image source: timesfood.com

The traditional fish and chips is a British institution! Available across thousands of fish and chip shops across the country, this is without a doubt the most iconic British meal. The great news is that making this crispy and flavorful dish at home is really easy.

Authentic fish and chips consists of premium flaky white fish deep-fried in a thin, crispy batter and served on a bed of delicious, twice-cooked chips. Sound delightful? Here’s a great recipe to make the perfect homemade fish and chips with the kids.


image of British flag and fish and chips with text that says five fun English recipes for kids



Bangers and mash

image source: eatsbythebeach.com

Now, unless you have English people in your close circle, you might have never heard of bangers and mash. Yet, it’s another institution in the country, and English people are crazy about this succulent sausage-based dish!

Consisting of high-quality sausage, delicious onion gravy, silky mashed potatoes, and a side of peas, we bet your kids will enjoy this iconic dish too.

The great thing about it? It’s another simple recipe your children can easily put together under your supervision. We’ve tried this bangers and mash recipe by Recipetineats and highly recommend it!


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Lemon curd

image source: tasteofhome.com

Dating back to the early 1800s, lemon curd was first invented by Protestant Quakers in England before traveling across Europe and North America with the Quakers.

Classic English lemon curd only has four ingredients; lemon, unsalted butter, eggs, and granulated sugar. It’s smooth and silky and features a tangy and tart flavor that will immediately capture your children’s senses. It’s the perfect topping for cookies, ice cream, yogurt, scones, cheesecake, cupcakes, and so many more treats!!

Here’s a classic and easy lemon curd recipe that will delight the whole family’s taste buds.


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Corn beef hash


image source: simplyrecipes.com

Perfect as a comforting and nourishing dish for a winter evening, corn beef hash is a simple meal that packs a punch in flavors.

This delicious casserole-type dish features corn beef, baked beans, cheese, baking potatoes, and the iconic Worcestershire sauce and is usually served with crusty French bread or vegetables.

And guess what? If you have leftovers (which is highly unlikely), it tastes even better the next day!

Here’s a yummy recipe for you and your kids to make.


Roast beef

image source: livestrong.com

If you ever go to England, you’ll notice the importance of Sunday roasts for English people!
But although this filling meal is typically enjoyed on a Sunday night as a warm comfort dish, roast beef can also be enjoyed cold for lunch in summer.

What we really love about this authentic British meal is how easy it is to make.

All you need to do is sear the meat in a frying pan on all sides before placing it in the oven and seasoning it with aromatic herbs and mustard. The traditional recipe requires you to serve it in thin slices.


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