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The Landmark Kids

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  • Trading Cards

    Navigate foreign cities and cultures through these collectible cards with engaging facts and stories.

  • Mystery Clues and Puzzles

    Following a series of interactive colorful clues, your little detective jumps from city to city in search of solving the mysterious case.

  • Country souvenirs

    Remember the countries you’ve visited on your adventures with Landmark Kids fun items from each country and country flag pins from that country from around the world

  • Recipe

    Cook fun popular dishes from each country with easy-to-follow instructions. Also you never know how you might need it to solve a clue.

  • Entertaining Guide

    Be inspired by a letter outlining your [Top Secret] mission. Discover remote countries and cities around the globe by solving challenging puzzles and new mysteries.

  • Map

    Learn from this fun, colorful map that showcases the culture, history, and traditions of the featured country of the month.